Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Couple + Great Dane + Christmas Lights

We did this session a few weeks back. In this session they wanted me to add some christmas lights and I thought I would add some bokeh to the forground. At this time I've been pushing myself to only do natural light. That means no flash at night!! That can be a nightmare for some people but we made it happen even with the temp being 15 degrees. The 2nd set of pictures were done the next day and turned out great. I got some wanted flare in one pic to add texture to make the pic look a little warmer than it really was that cold afternoon. While waiting on the session to start I decided to make a little prop with a leaf by cutting out Love. With the cold, wind and dark light I had a great time taking pictures using the props. Thanks you Tiffany & Kevin for making some awesome pictures.

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